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College of Agriculture & Human Ecology

  • The School of Agriculture immerses students with access to over 2,000 acres of farm land and a 6,000 square feet pavilion for the ultimate hands-on experience.
  • The School of Human Ecology prepares students for diverse careers, offering five areas of study: child development and family relations; child life; family and consumer sciences education; food, nutrition and dietetics; housing and design and merchandising and design.
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So students of the agriculture program have access to Oakley Farms, as well as Hyder-Burks Pavilion. And it offers students a hands-on experience at those locations.

Some of the unique learning opportunities Human Ecology students have is the practicums that some of the classes offer. Children with special needs, they offer a practicum, which is one of the labs. The labs have helped me better understand my major in many different ways, from just being in the real life hands-on situation.

They reassured me that that's what I want to do in life. And its kind of opened my eyes to being prepared to graduate and looking onward for that. I plan on pursuing internship with UT extension, in their Voyage program. It's a service organization and one of the biggest ones in the United States. So students in this college have a lot of internships, from extension programs, to working on Oakley Farm.

I recommend this program because the low student to faculty ratio. You get a professor that wants you to succeed in life, give you internships. And say, here you go. You need apply for this. And knowing what you want to do and knowing your name makes a big difference.