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Living on Campus

  • There are 15 residence halls on campus including on-campus apartment living at Tech Village.
  • Students living on campus benefit from community, convenience, parking advantages and meeting people with common interests.
  • Learning Villages on campus are special residence halls developed to create smaller, more personal groups within the larger university setting and to enhance student-faculty interaction beyond the classroom.
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So I love living on campus. I've lived in three different residence halls. There's really something for everybody. Whether you're really interested in studying and wanting to be with people of your major or whether you really enjoy getting involved with service, Tech has a lot of different villages that's set aside so that you can be living with people that do have similar interests as you. And I think that's really cool.

So we have 15 different residence halls on campus. They have apartment style residence halls. They have your more traditional style, where you have a roommate. They have community style bathroom.

And they also have what they call the new halls, which are a little bit nicer, a little bit newer, more updated. You have your own bathroom. And there's really just a lot of space in those.

So living on campus, they have a lot of different amenities. They have free Wi-Fi for every student. There's cable in every room, tons of different dining options on campus, lots of different game rooms that they have set up, ping pong tables, foosball. There's always something to do on campus.