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  • Tennessee Tech is home of the Golden Eagles! #WingsUp
  • Tech has 14 NCAA Division I sports teams and is part of the Ohio Valley Conference.
  • Students are able to get into all athletic events for free with their student ID card.  
  • Participation in the many intramural sports is a great way for students to meet friends and get involved on campus
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Tennessee Tech is the home of the Golden Eagles. Wings up. And we have 14 Division 1 NCAA teams. We have football, men and women's basketball. We got baseball, women's soccer, men's tennis.

There's cheerleading. It's not technically under athletics, but we still have a lot of privileges that the athletes get. I love cheering games, and I love like supporting our school because, I mean, wings up. I love Tennessee Tech and I love our sports. But being a part of that family is my favorite thing in the whole world.

The Fitness Center is literally like my second home, because that's where all of our practices are. So I'm in there just about every single day, even on breaks, because we're practicing for nationals. Any muscle you want to work, you can work that to fit.

There's a big weight room. There's a track upstairs to run around. There's also two gyms where you can come play basketball or-- I know intramural volleyball is held in there also. Any kind of a class that you would have at a YMCA or gym like that, we have them here.

And sports intramurals-- if you can think of a sport, it's pretty much in intramurals. In the spring, I did ultimate frisbee. And let me tell you, it is so much fun.