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College of Fine Arts

  • The College of Fine Arts is home to the School of Music and the School of Art, Craft & Design.
  • The School of Art, Craft & Design features programs in: art education, clay, design (digital media), fibers, glass, metals, painting and wood.
  • The School of Music offers bachelor’s degrees in music education and music performance.
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When I auditioned here in January, I immediately felt like a sense of family. They were all so kind and so helpful. And I just felt if I came here then I would be becoming the best musician I could be.

I visited other schools and you could tell the difference. Here they care so much about getting you through. And they offer so many different opportunities and different sessions where you can definitely work to improve yourself. And they are willing to work with you no matter what, because they want to see you succeed. Because they love music just as much as they see you love it.

Sometimes they will have people come in and play for us. So you'll meet artists who travel all around the world. And so for me, that's extremely helpful because it shows me what I could become.

We have so many opportunities ranging from chorale, concert choir, we have marching band, we have tuba ensembles, we have clarinet choirs. There are so many ways to get involved that you can thrive in multiple ways because there are so many opportunities for you to succeed. It's just a great atmosphere, and we all love seeing each other and helping each other out as much as we can.