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College of Arts & Sciences

  • The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 20 programs of study including: biology, chemistry, communication, earth sciences, English, foreign languages, history, math, physics and pre-professional studies.
  • There are many opportunities for hands-on student experiences. Students can explore how dams affect local fish populations, investigate what stars are made of or master another language.
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On the science side of Arts and Sciences there's all kinds of opportunities with biology and chemistry, earth sciences, psychology, which is really fun. One of my friends is an astronomy student and she's learning what stars are made of right now. Those are all kinds of learning opportunities that are really cool.

I am on more of the art side of the arts and sciences and my major is Professional Communications. So there's a lot of unique learning opportunities. Within your classes, you have all kinds of hands-on things like making newspapers, designing manuals and that kind of thing. Your advisors offer a lot of internship opportunities to kind of further that hands-on activity.

The internship that I've just started is with the marketing department. And so I'll be working hands-on with marketing, public relations, getting flyers out, getting the word out about Tennessee Tech. I love being part of the program that I'm in because of the network of friends that I've been able to make, the hands-on learning opportunities that I've been able to have there at the University, and really the support from the administration has been awesome.

I know the advisors within my major are so helpful and always looking for the next best step and the next opportunity for me and my classmates.