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College of Business

  • The College of Business offers a number of majors and concentrations at the undergraduate level and has both a campus and 100% distance-based MBA degree that can be completed online. Programs of study include: accounting, business management, economics, finance, marketing, international business and music business.
  • There are a wide variety of opportunities for collaboration between majors on campus. The iCube on campus partners business and engineering students together to create technological solutions for local companies.
  • S. News & World Report ranked Tennessee Tech's MBA program among one of the best programs in the country in 2016.
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When an undergraduate student comes in, the first two years are something called Basic Business. And during that time, we have events and different ways for them to explore outside the classroom. Once they reach upper division, those students have an opportunity to choose from finance, economics, marketing, our business analytics and intelligence, several tracks in management.

Collaboration is very encouraged on campus. With the Eagle Works Competition, human ecology majors get together with business majors and engineers, and basically take everything you could imagine with business, engineering, nursing, everything, and just try to make it all fit together in a beautiful business that is a product that can sell all across the world.

Professional development is incredibly important. So what we see happening for our business students is that they have already been to networking events, their resume is stellar, their online presence is stellar because these students have been going through this their entire college experience. We have events that we have stakeholders and donors and alumni come back for, where they learn everything-- dining etiquette, business etiquette. We have a professional clothes closet for our students. I mean, soup to nuts, everything-- shoes, tie, shirts, suit, pearl necklaces, everything.

I have two internships, currently. One at the local PBS station, WCTE. I am their human resource intern. And then my other internship is with Student to Career Program in ecology of business. There's also so many people who are willing to help-- all the professors, the faculty, staff in the ecology of business is amazing. They really care about all of their students.