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College of Education

  • The College of Education is home to unique academic units providing more than 50 degree concentrations from bachelor's, master's, education specialist and doctoral studies. Areas of study include: counseling and psychology, curriculum and instruction, exercise science and exceptional learning.
  • Students gain hands-on experience when working towards a license to teach by partnering with local K-12 schools.
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The College of Education is home to 50 unique units of study, including master's, bachelor's, doctoral studies and educational specialists. I think these programs are very successful because with me getting Secondary Ed Biology, I was able to have not only two practicums which lasted 6 1/2 weeks for two different placements, but then my residency-- or as it is known to some people as student teaching-- was a full semester and a half which I got to teach lessons and just be with the students and really learn from mentor teachers.

The College of Education prepares future teachers very well because you take an array of different classes that are geared towards special education, the focus of technology in the schools, helping it be fun and implement it in a way that the students are learning, and also having a good time because you want them to enjoy being in the classroom versus being bored. And also you get to learn about all the fun theorists and the people who help bring up education for people like me. So I can understand it to a better, fuller extent.

Something I've really enjoyed about the Education program is all the friendly staff that are so welcoming to you. They want to get to know you and have personable relationships. I feel like that's very important because if you are serious about going into education, the people that are associated with the College of Education truly do care and want you to be super focused on that.