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College of Engineering

  • The College of Engineering is committed to developing "Renaissance Engineers" who are adaptive professionals who are inquisitive, creative and make significant contributions for the betterment of humanity.
  • Notable alumni from the College of Engineering include a two-time space shuttle astronaut and a former president of Boeing Corporation.
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Tech has a concept called the Renaissance Engineer, somebody that has all the technical competencies. But that's just the base of their education. They also have the soft skills. They also care about impacting society in a positive way through government, through civic organizations. Whatever it might be, they want to have a broader impact in the world.

There are dozens and dozens of clubs within the College of Engineering. We have lots of money to travel, which I've gotten to travel extensively. We have Professional Development workshops in series now and they also bring in alumni or other business leaders from across the state to come speak to the engineers.

One of the most notable alumni is Captain Barry Wilmore. He was actually an astronaut and was captain of the International Space Station and so he comes back to campus regularly, speaks to students. We have a co-op program within the College of Engineering that gets you real-world work experience that's much deeper than an internship because you're there for a long period of time and you get to take a project from start to finish.

I've worked in three different manufacturing facilities to this point. And in every one of them they really prize Tennessee Tech graduates. So anywhere that you go in Tennessee, they're going to recognize the name, the value of your education. They're going to recognize that you're well-prepared.

Opportunities have opened up to me as a result of my education here at Tech that I couldn't have dreamed of when I came in as a freshman.