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College of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • The College of Interdisciplinary Studies features a broad-based, liberal arts and sciences program that focuses on developing exemplary skills in written and oral communication, textual analysis, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Offerings from undergraduate to doctoral degrees in environmental and sustainability studies, interdisciplinary studies and professional studies.
  • Whether seeking an online, off-site or on-campus degree program, this college provides flexibility for all students.
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The College of Interdisciplinary Studies is actually made up of three different schools. We have the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, the School of Professional Studies, and the School of Environmental & Sustainability Studies.

What's interesting about the College of Interdisciplinary Studies that I've come to know is that it's really student-focused and student-oriented, that if students are a bit undecided, they can come to the College of Interdisciplinary Studies and kind of specialize on a program focused on their interests, where they can connect to attributes that aren't normally seen connective in other colleges here, for instance, the fine arts and business.

We have a master's in Professional Studies predominantly online, but there are other aspects of it continuing to grow. We also have graduate programs in the School of Environmental & Sustainability Studies. We have masters and doctoral level programs there. We really have a lot to offer. We draw from all the different colleges on campus and try to create opportunities for students to go after that thing they want to learn, and to take advantage of the many, many opportunities on campus to learn and grow and equip oneself for the future.