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Student Success Center

  • There are seven student success centers on campus located within each college with multiple advisors to help students navigate their academic career.
  • Advisors at Tech provide personal attention to each student. They help with all aspects of college life from declaring majors, class selections, career options and peer tutoring.
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Each of our colleges has a Student Success Center which is staffed by professional academic advisors. These academic advisors are a great resource for students to help them navigate their curriculum and their major and then help them, also, achieve graduation. These academic advisors and professional staff members within our Students Success Centers really provide a great resource for students throughout their four years here at Tech.

From going to their high school or leaving them at a large college fair, for instance, and then getting them through the on boarding process, helping with the scholarships, all the way through the student coming and staying and having issues and helping them through those and then, ultimately, the student graduates. And you get to see them walk across the stage. You get to still see mom and dad. So just having that relationship all the way through is just a tremendous opportunity.

Your academic advisor will not only be a confidant but will also be someone that's going to help hold you accountable and also be an advocate for you. They have great relationships with the faculty within your college, as well as other staff members across campus. They're going to know how to direct you through your academic program, as well as provide you which resources you need when it comes to tutoring or anything else related to academics, or even career counseling on campus.

For me personally, it's my passion to help students. Because so many people came before me to help me to get to where I am. People have gone out of their way to help our staff. And so they want to do that same thing and be involved and help to achieve the dreams of students.